Pastor Shirleena Blackwood


Pastor Shirleena Blackwood
Pastor Shirleena was born in Sheffield – UK, is the last of 3 siblings. At an early age, she came to know Christ as her Lord and Saviour and has operated under her mandate to bring forth the worth word with passion and drive.

Pastor Blackwood is the wife of Pastor Dominic Blackwood and the Mother of Lady Sherridan Sir-Jaeda Blackwood.

God has afforded Pastor Blackwood, throughout the years, the opportunity to train under noted leaders; Her father and Pastor in the Gospel Dr. T.A. Thompson of Texas USA, The Late Honourable Bishop Norman L. Wagner of Youngtown Ohio USA and Bishop S.A. Dunn of England UK. Pastor Blackwood also follows her family legacy who have served and continue to serve faithfully in the Kingdom of God; The Honourable Bishop Forbes (Grandfather) and Evangelist Basil Forbes (Father).

Having a divine calling from God to preach to all nations, Pastor Blackwood travels across the UK, USA, Italy, Ireland and has done so for the past 10 years.

Called to ministry Pastor Blackwood served for 12 years as the Minister of Worship locally and as part of the European Council of Nations – PAW, ¬†Appointed as the European Council of Nations Executive Administrator, Assistant Young People’s President, Pastoral Care Officer and the Personal Assistant to her Pastor, Bishop T.A. Thompson.

It was in 2009 that Pastor Blackwood alongside her husband Pastor Dominic Blackwood, she was ordained as a Minister, and in 2014 they were commissioned to the Pastorate where they reside currently in Sheffield as the Pastors of New Life Millennium City Church.

In 2013, Pastor Blackwood birthed ‘God’s International Ladies’ (GILL). GILL provides a monthly Keynote to empower, train and develop Young Ladies and Women “Start Living on Purpose”, which hosts an annual GILL Conference. GILL serves internationally with GILL Leaders throughout the UK, South Africa and USA

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